About Us

Your mind is limited only by your thoughts. Work with us to change your thoughts

360 Wellness Hub started with a vision to create a therapeutic space for therapists to work and for patients to heal within a non-judgmental, non-critical, calm and safe environment. We are always guided by our Vision, Value, and Mission Statement.


To provide innovative, result-oriented treatment and care to our clients.


Inspire hope and work to find solutions to resolve the client's problems.



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Others promise therapy,
we promise results.

Our commitment

Pain, disappointments and life's challenges may be part of the fabric of life, but suffering is not. Suffering is a choice. At 360 Wellness Hub, we want to reduce suffering by improving people's functionality and quality of life.   

Our Founder

Our founder and clinical director have experienced a lot of ups and downs in her life. The original spirit of 360 Wellness Hub's commitment came from her email tagline: "Pain is mandatory but suffering is optional." Diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis she knows a lot about pain. Breaking her neck and experiencing a near-death experience, she understands that healing starts in the mind.
Dr Lennie Soo
Neuro-Counselling Psychologist
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360 Wellness Hub is Malaysia's most comprehensively equipped counselling and psychotherapy centre with cutting-edge equipment plus indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our Facilities

@Ecosanctuary Mall Branch
1. World's longest sensory treatment tunnel - 150 feet of therapeutic space.
2. Malaysia's tallest tree house - 4 storeys of outdoor therapy space.
3. Sandplay and outdoor therapy facilities.
@Lifecare Medical Center, Bangsar South Branch
1. Rooftop garden for outdoor treatment.
2. Well-equipped training room.
3. Quiet, soundproof rooms for privacy.
4. Access to medical labs. 
5. Access to medical specialists. 

Our Clinical Affiliates

For Medical Consults:: We work with Lifecare Medical Centre where our branch is also located in Bangsar South.
For SUD Rehab:: We work with The Cabin a 5-star stay-in drug and alcohol rehab facility in Chiang Mai where we send our stay-in patients for recovery. 
A virtual tour of our affiliated rehab center