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About 360

The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating - Eric Micheal Leventhal

360 Wellness Hub started with a vision to help people to function at their best by ensuring that their perspective and narrative about life nurture their growth. To achieve this vision, we made it our mission to curate a list of experienced mental health therapists and specialists to provide clients with results-oriented treatments. To show how serious we are about getting clients the results that they want, we adopt the tagline: "Others promise therapy, we promise results." Keeping to our promise, we build infrastructures that include both indoor and outdoor treatment facilities to give our therapists a wide range of therapeutic environments and tools to use to help our clients heal faster and better.


To help people heal fast and to function at their best. 


Comprehensive, Result-Oriented, Innovative,



Curated list of experienced mental health therapists. 

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Our Promise

Others promise therapy,
we promise results.

Our Founder

Dr Lennie Soo's favourite phrase:
"Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional." Suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and a broken neck, she knows a lot about pain. Her recovery from her near-death experience defines her perspective on
healing and life.  
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Our Facilities

Others promise therapy, we promise results.
@Ecosanctuary Mall Branch

1. World's longest sensory treatment tunnel - 150 feet of therapeutic space.
2. Malaysia's tallest tree house - 4 storeys of outdoor therapy space.
3. Sandplay and sensory therapy facilities.

@Lifecare Medical Center, Bangsar South Branch

1. Rooftop garden for outdoor treatment.
2. Well-equipped training room.
3. Quiet, soundproof therapy rooms.
4. Access to medical labs and imaging. 
5. Access to machine-assisted therapy. 

Our Affiliates

Lifecare Medical Center: Lifecare Medical Center is a premium medical diagnostic and specialist centre in KL offering a wide range of diagnostic tests. 
For SUD Rehab: The Cabin is a 5-star stay-in drug and alcohol rehab facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a small medical clinic attached.
A virtual tour of our affiliated rehab center
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