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Why choose to work with 360? We provide personalised programs, responsive customer care and services and most importantly, results! Let our psychological experts assist with your company's training and corporate mental health programs.

Corporate Workshops at 360

Here at 360 Wellness Hub, we offer various programs that can supplement your company's mental health programs. You can find a variety of our offerings and some of our partner companies below. It would be best to book a discovery call below so we can discuss and recommend the best workshops for you and your team.

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Featured Corporate Programs

Designed for you by psychologists

IG Trauma Release.jpg

Featured 1

We are the product of our trauma. In this interactive online workshop, learn and change the impact of trauma within you. 

IG Suicidal Idealation.jpg

Featured 2

This award-winning program is designed to equip managers with knowledge and skills on suicidal prevention and self-harm.

Mental Health Talks Topics And Workshops

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