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Machine Assisted Therapy

Neuro-stimulation and neuro-modulation services.

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Pulse Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) treatment, Light and sound neuro-stimulating treatment, trans-direct current stimulation (tDCS) treatment for a variety of mental health issues including:

  • improved learning,

  • improved concentration,

  • improved visualisation,

  • increased ability to relax.

  • mind regeneration,

  • energizing the body and mind,

  • improving sleep,

  • reducing anxiety,

  • curbing depression,

  • reducing cravings in addiction

  • and much more.


Would this be the right service for you?

Machine-assisted therapy has gained ground in psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatments in the past few decades. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we can expect the application and use of machine-assisted therapy to grow exponentially in the future. Improvements in these technologies are observed almost daily.

At 360 Wellness Hub, we have diagnostic and treatment machines. Our diagnostic scanning machines are based on quantum magnetic resonance (QMR) scan and gas discharge visualisation (GDV) scans. Our treatment machines include trans-direct current stimulation (tDCS), pulse electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) machines and light-sound stimulation machines.

What are the drawbacks of machine-assisted therapy?

Machine-assisted therapy is as safe as talk therapy.

For some clients, they may experience a slight heaviness in the head and nausea if they use the machines when they are dehydrated or have a pre-existing condition like a headache or stomach pain when they come for therapy. These side-effects happen to only a small percentage of the clients and the effects will ease in a matter of hours after the session ends. Our therapists at 360 Wellness Hub are trained to prep the clients before each session to ensure that there are no negative side-effects.

If you have implants in your body, you will also need to inform the therapist and it will be up to the therapist to determine if they want to go ahead with the treatment based on the information that you have disclosed to them. Your safety and well-being is always our priority.

What happens during machine-assisted therapy?

The process is similar to traditional therapy and is considered an adjunct to talk therapy. So, sessions usually start with the therapist and client having a talk about the presenting issues and then the therapist selecting the machine that is the most appropriate for the client’s treatment needs. Clients usually are told to relax for about 5 minutes after each session before they go home.

How to Get the Most Out of Machine-Assisted Therapy?

Machine-assisted therapy is not a miracle treatment, and it will take sometimes up to 10 sessions before you start to see the results. The nature and severity of your problem will play a role, but there are also things you can do to get the most out of your sessions, including:

Being honest with your therapist: Don't try to hide problems or feelings. Your goal is to show up as your true self without trying to hide aspects of your personality that you might be afraid to reveal.

Feeling your feelings: Don't try to hide negative or distressing emotions such as grief, anger, fear, or jealousy. Talking about these feelings within the context of therapy can help you understand them better.

Being open to the process: Work on forming an open and genuine therapeutic alliance with your therapist. Some research suggests that therapy is most effective when you feel a connection with the therapist.

Attending your sessions: Life gets busy but try to stick to your treatment plan and scheduled appointments as best you can especially with machine-assisted therapy.

Doing the work: If your therapist assigns homework to work on outside of your sessions, make an effort to finish it before the next session.


Does Machine-assisted therapy Work?

The growing number of research and constant improvement of equipment has resulted in better overall outcomes over the years. These non-invasive machine-assisted therapies have been proven to be safe, reliable, and effective in treating the issues that it is targeted to manage.


Machine information

You can read more about the machines that we use in 360 Wellness Hub by going to our website. The links are below:


Bioresonance scan:

GDV scan: (available soon)




Would this be the right service for you?

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