Why Is It Important To Study History Essay

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Why Is It Important To Study History Essay



History is a collection of facts and accounts of past events. Studying history may also help us gain more perspective on what is happening today by bringing our lives in the present in perspective to the past. History helps us develop judgment in issues that affect the future by enabling us to understand past behavior of people and learn from it. History is also a social science that requires a knowledge of its fundamental concepts such as causes, purposes, people, and ideas. Key terms Cause means something that makes a thing happen. Examples of causes include people, government, or events. Purpose means the intended results of something. An example of a purpose could be to have economic growth. People means humans, animals, or anything with a mind, a brain, and a body. Ideas means the ways of thinking of people in a culture. Many of the historical events are too vast to summarize into one story. Thus, there are different approaches for writing history, each with their own benefits. History is most often studied using a chronology. This allows the reader to follow the development of a civilization from early times to the present. History is divided into periods. These periods are based on the major advances made in society. Use of terms Contemporary Contemporary is the name for the 21st century in the Western world, which began on January 1, 1970. Today, the word contemporary is generally used to refer to events or processes occurring now or very recently. Modern Modern is a word that is sometimes used in the West to refer to history, especially the history of the 20th century or the West. However, this usage is not accepted in all parts of the world. Renaissance Renaissance refers to an era of cultural and artistic achievements, including great invention and the rediscovery of ancient knowledge, which began in Europe in the 14th century and lasted to around 1600. World Wars World War is a military term used to describe two or more wars fought by the armed forces of two or more countries on one or more continents, involving considerable loss of life. Civilizations Civilizations is a social and cultural term used to describe a group of people living in a certain area of the world during a certain period of time. In this article, civilization means a large social or cultural group. These groups are typically large communities of people sharing a common culture, religion,