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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Team.


360 provides you with a CAREER that gives you autonomy, allows you to use your strengths, and promotes your learning and development. 


360 provides you with a COMMUNITY where you will feel respected, cared about, and recognized by others.


360 provides you with a CAUSE or PURPOSE via 360's vision, mission and value. Come join us and let us bring some good to the world.


360 CONNECTS you to clients who can benefit from your treatment and to a community of mental health and rehab specialists. 


360 provides you with peer SUPERVISION & CONSULTATION you will not feel like you are working alone when you are with us. 
+  If you are still deciding, STOP and start APPLYING. Connect with us below.
+  ADDED BONUS. Get access to liability insurance at a cheaper rate.
To participate in this ground-breaking initiative, you need to be or have the following:
  1. THERAPIST. You must be a qualified and experienced therapist.
  2. QUALIFIED. Possesses the necessary licenses, qualifications and training.
  3. EXPERIENCED. Has a minimum of 5 years of work experience as a therapist.
  4. ETHICAL. Highly ethical and professional with no past history of malpractice.
  5. ADAPTABLE. Able to work independently and within a team.
  6. GOOD ATTITUDE. Possesses a positive, empathic and sincere attitude.
  7. PASSIONATE. A genuine interest and passion to help others improve their lives. 
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