Counselling [Mandarin]

General counselling for children between the ages of 7-19.

  • 1 hour
  • Persiaran Eco Sanctuary

Service Description

At this stage of a child's life, whether they are naturally athletic or not becomes more obvious as their locomotor and motor skills develop. It is important to encourage physical activities at this stage. At 360 for this age group, we provide therapy through movement and play. Our facility include a tree-house and the longest sensory wall tunnel in the world. What parents should look out for is whether the child has difficulties managing their emotions (including anger), whether their social skills are on par with those of their peers. Children at this age who falls behind emotionally and socially will have trouble catching up with their peers without extra professional help and support.

Contact Details

  • Sanctuary Mall, Persiaran Eco Sanctuary, 8/3, Eco Santuari, Selangor, Malaysia