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Persatuan I-Inspire


Persatuan I-Inspire or PI (PPM-007-14-17112016) is a non-profit organisation registered with ROS since 2016. 


Everything is energy. By encouraging each other to harness the universal energy, we hope to inspire each other to create a better world for all.



Hold events and promote activities that help people move towards self-actualisation, fulfil their potential, and contribute positively to improving their own and other people's lives. 

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Membership Fees MYR50 p/year. 

Apply here: Membership Form

Payment Link: Pay via TouchNGo


Call/Text/WhatsApp: Annie@PI 

Social Media: FB    | YouTube

Thank you.


PI's Community Services and Activities

Join us to create a better world for all!

Community Services: Persatuan I-Inspire's President, Ong Hooi Lin, pioneered our FAME project. FAME stands for Family Metamorphism Exercises. Families build communities. FAME offers support through group therapy circles for parents and teachers. FAME is a safe and welcoming forum for parents and teachers to share their knowledge and experiences and to gain parenting/teaching skills from the community. 

Activities: Dr Abel Hernandez, a Biologist and University Professor in Science, and his wife Aleta Macan, a German bioanalyst, have been instrumental in promoting homa therapy to doctors and hospitals in South America. He hosts PI's International Homa Therapy webinar once a month on the second Friday of every month from South America. Following the webinar on Sunday, we will hold Homa Therapy sessions on the rooftop of Wisma Lifecare. 


Community Service: Group Support

Activities: Homa Therapy

Our Committee Members 

Behind all our community services and activities are our dedicated and talented leaders, who have dedicated their time, resources, and effort to creating a better world for all.  

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