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HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? We believe that all dis-eases and sickness originate from our MINDS. When our minds are healthy, it balances our emotional, physical and even spiritual states allowing us to function optimally and to lead meaningful lives.  

We prioritize

Confidentiality and Patient Care



My 360 Wellness Hub was formed to make it simple and easy for people to get the best mental wellness, health and care services available. Mental illness and diseases come in many forms, navigating the system to find the best therapists and treatments for mental or psychological issues can be a frustrating journey. My 360 Wellness Hub wants to close this gap.

From the first consult to when the issues are resolved, clients can feel assured that they are receiving the best treatment available from one of the largest team of experienced mental wellness, health and care practitioners. All the cases are assessed and evaluated by a team of expert practitioners from the fields of psychology, counselling, neuroscience and mental wellness, health and care providers.

:360 VISION// To provide easy access to high-quality mental wellness, health and care.
:360 MISSION// To put together the most experienced team of mental wellness, health and care practitioners to ensure that every case is properly diagnosed and treated using the most evidence-based treatment methods.

:360 VALUES// Innovative. Fast Service. Best Outcomes. 

:360 BELIEFS// Health begins in the MIND.

:360 ASSURANCE// Experienced therapists, best possible outcomes.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~World Health Organization




Besides one-on-one consultation and treatment, in some cases, for the convenience of our patients, we also provide online access for treatment areas that does not require any physical assessments or touch.



Support from caregivers are crucial for recovery and healing but caregivers need support too. All our treatment comes with free psychological support for caregivers.



We provide workshops, talks, interviews and events to introduce and to educate people about CANM within their local companies and communities. These activities are designed to be fun, interactive and educational.   


Addiction Rehab Center
ADHD Treatment Center 

Anti-Aging Center

Autism Enrichment Center

Anxiety Control Center
Alzheimer's & Dementia Center

Behavioural & Cognitive Center

Child Enrichment Center

Cholesterol Control Center

Depression Control Center

Fear Control Center

Functional Therapy Center

Life Coaching Center

Mood Control Center 

Over 60 Enrichment Center

Pain Control Center

Psychosomatic Treatment Center

Rehabilitation Center

Sugar Control Center

Weight Control Center



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 Corporate Partners 

We give health screening, talks and workshops to corporate clients. For further information, please fill in the form and submit it to us. 


Tel: +6018 471 0020
FB: fb/360wellnesshub

Thank you for your interest. We're here to serve you.

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