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360 Wellness Hub
Your Mental & Psychological Health and Wellness Center.

Others promise therapy. We promise results.

Focusing on experience, skills and commitment to clients, 360 Wellness Hub has slowly, over time, developed a  curated list of experienced therapists committed to helping clients achieve their therapeutic goals. 360 Wellness Hub then equip these therapists with cutting-edge equipment plus indoor and outdoor treatment facilities to ensure that client get the results they seek in the shortest time possible.


360's Services

Start your therapeutic healing journey here.


Clinical Screening

We provide comprehensive clinical 360 psychological and mental health screening using psychological interviews, observational studies, bioresonance and bioenergetic scans.


Clinical Diagnosis

We provide psychological and psychiatric evaluation and diagnostic reports based on DSM-V. Diagnosis reports are often needed by HR recruiters, college admission and other reporting purposes.


Treatment Modalities

We provide talk therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, trauma-informed therapy, substance abuse counselling, marital counselling and clinical wellness treatments for many types of disorders.

Meet Our Therapists

All consultations with our therapists and specialists are by appointment only. Call our hotline +603 2779 2700 to arrange for an appointment.