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360 Talk Therapists

Talk Therapists
Dr. Lennie Soo.jpg

Dr Lennie Soo, DSc. DCHt.

360 Clinical Director, Neuro-Counselling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

Teh Cheau Reei, M.A.jpg

Teh Cheau Reei, MA

360BS Administrator, Licensed Counsellor and Supervisor

Dr. Rahman A. Badayai, PHD.jpg

Dr Rahman A. Badayai, PhD

Developmental Psychologist

(Child & Adolescent)

Muhammad Haniff Hashim.jpg

Muhammad Haniff Hashim, Dip.CH


Clinical Hypnotherapist


Shuen Lim

Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Sleep Talk and NLP Trainer

Thye Wen Yi

Thye Wen Yi, MA


Clinical Psychologist

Wellness Therapists

Ong Hooi Lin.jpg

Ong Hooi Lin, MBA, B.Eng


Clinical Aromatherapist

Ng Kee Peng.jpg

Ng Kee Peng


Life Coach

Adeleide Lim - therapist.jpg

Adeleide Lim

EWS Administrator. Music Sensory Processing and Play Therapist

Medical Advisors

Medical Advisors

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Your disorder is not you, your disorder is just a small part of you. Let our therapists help you regain control over your thoughts, emotions and life. 

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