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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

360 Wellness Hub brought sensory specialists into one event to assess children's sensory development and wellness. We welcome and encourage all parents with children from the ages of 6-11 years old to bring their children for vision, hearing, balance, touch and social and developmental stage assessments such as social and the autism spectrum.

This 1-stop event is a must for children whose developmental environment and routines were changed for almost three years due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids

The Purpose of this event

Specialists at 360 Wellness Hub helped design this event to detect sensory development issues early. Early detection reduces the risk of dysfunctionality later in life for the child. Also, after almost three tumultuous years, children need to be tested to ease their transition back to regular school and life routines.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids

What will children experience at the event?

Our team of educators and psychologists have created a fun obstacle course for the children to test, observe and assess their vision, hearing, balance (vestibular development), touch (proprioception) and development and social stage assessments.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids

What will parents gain from the event?

A series of "Let's Talk To The Experts" talks with experts has been scheduled alongside the tests. Experiencing parenting issues? Come talk to the experts about it.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids Let's talk with the specialists

Come talk to our lifestyle medicine physicians, developmental psychologists, neuro-psychologists, clinical psychologists, ophthalmologists, audiologists and other child sensory development therapists.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids

Corporate participation

Do you want us to hold this event for your employee's children? If yes, do contact us at 0123300415 (Events) for further discussion and availability.

Love our kids, support our kids, help our kids

What happens after the event?

If your child's report card is all good, then there is nothing that you need to follow up on, and we believe that your child will not have a problem transitioning back to regular school routines. If the report card shows that there are areas of concern, you can talk to our specialists on that day itself or make an appointment for further investigation and treatment.

Location of 360 Wellness Hub's branches: - Lifecare Medical Center, Bangsar South, KL.

- Ecosanctuary Mall, Telok Panglima Garang, Kota Kemuning, Selangor.

Our contact details:

+60123300415 | Email:

Next, Explore With Your Senses (EWS) event is happening here...

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