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Assessment: Have you checked your mental health risk?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

360 is offering free mental health risk screening services. Included is the use of the wheel of life to help the individual determine which area of the individual's life needs to be prioritized or work on at the moment. It is recommended that the test be repeated every 6 months to track success of adjustments made.

We have been taught to take care of our physical health. To eat well, sleep properly and to exercise. But if we only take care of our physical health and neglect our mental health, very quickly our quality of life will start to deteriorate and we end up feeling stress, anxious, depressed, emotional and just plain overwhelmed with the challenges we face each day in life. Thus, we need to ensure that we stay not only physically fit but also mentally fit.

How often should I do the screening?

It is recommended that you do the same risk screening every 6 months to keep track of your mental health state. Even if you test negative, it is good practice to do the same test again in 6 months time. Using the same parameters to routinely check your mental state will help with early detection.

Are all mental health risk screening the same?

No. Mental health risk screening depends on the instruments used and different screeners will use different instruments to screen for common mental health issues. Thus, it is important to stick to one screening test and to do the test every 6 months to ensure that you are okay.

What are the areas screen by 360 Wellness Hub's free mental health screener?

The 360 Wellness Hub free screener uses the DSM criteria to screen for risk in the following areas: anxiety, depression, stress, suicide, personality disorder, addiction, and functionality. The screening also uses the wheel of life to help the people prioritise the areas in their life that they need to work on for the next 6 months.

What if I screen positive?

If you screen positive, it is important that you seek help. At 360 Wellness Hub we understand how daunting and overwhelming it can be to seek mental health treatment and care. Thus, the free mental health screening services comes with a stress-free clinical referral service. You can either be referred to one of 360's mental health specialists or to both public and private mental health services that can provide you with the best care based on your current situation.

Is this a diagnosis?

No. The instrument screens for mental health risk. Mental health diagnosis is a complicated process that involves time. If your mental and psychological states are preventing you from functioning normally, you need to speak to a mental health specialist for a proper diagnosis. Do not expect immediate results since as mentioned, mental health diagnosis is a complicated process that requires time to accurately pinpoint the actual clinical issue.

Ready for your test? Here is a link to do the screening. Please bookmark this link and please schedule the 6 monthly check-up in your calendar.

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