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Alcohol Psychosis

Alcohol-induced psychosis is a condition characterized by symptoms of hallucinations, delusions, or both occurring either during alcohol consumption or withdrawal. When these symptoms occur without delirium, it is referred to as alcohol-induced psychotic disorder.

Let’s explore this topic further:

  1. Background:

  • Alcohol-induced psychosis typically manifests through hallucinations and delusions.

  • It can occur during acute intoxication or withdrawal phases in individuals with alcohol use disorder (which includes alcohol abuse and dependence).

  • Uncommon disorders like alcohol hallucinosis and alcoholic paranoia are observed in chronic heavy drinkers.

  • Thiamine deficiency, leading to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, highlights the neurotoxic effects of prolonged alcohol exposure.

  1. Epidemiology:

  • Prevalence: Alcohol-related psychosis is relatively rare compared to other alcohol-related disorders. However, it is significant among individuals with severe alcohol use disorder. Approximately 3% of those with alcoholism experience psychosis during acute intoxication or withdrawal.

  • Demographics: Alcohol-induced psychosis occurs more frequently in males than females, reflecting broader patterns of alcohol use disorder. The age of onset varies but often correlates with the duration and severity of alcohol abuse.

  • Risk Factors: Chronic heavy drinking, genetic predisposition, early onset of alcohol use, nutritional deficiencies (especially thiamine), and co-existing mental health disorders increase the risk. Certain populations, including those with specific genetic enzyme deficiencies, are more susceptible.

In summary, alcohol-induced psychosis is a complex condition that warrants attention and understanding for effective management. Treating psychotic symptoms with antipsychotic medications and addressing alcohol use are essential components of managing this disorder. If you are experiencing this issue, seek help immediately. You can call our centre to enquire about treatment.

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