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How To Select A Good Therapist?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

There are 6 signs to look for when selecting a therapist. A therapist is someone whom you are going to share your therapeutic journey with and therefore like finding the right life partner, take your time to find a therapist that you are comfortable with.

Sign 1 - Qualified & Experience.

Your therapist should have the qualifications and experience in helping you resolve your issues. Feel free to ask the therapist about their experience, qualifications and expertise. A bona fide therapist will be more than happy to share their professional biodata with you.

Sign 2 - Licenses.

Therapist are usually required to join a professional association to obtain their annual licenses. These professional associations ensure that the therapist adheres to their industry's ethical and professional guidelines.

Sign 3 - A genuine interest in your case.

The days of the one-way therapeutic communication pattern is long gone. These days therapy requires a healthy amount of interactions and communications between the therapist and the client. Popular therapeutic methods such as person-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy requires a high level of communication and interaction between the therapist and the client.

Sign 4 - Focus on your therapeutic goals.

A good therapist is result-oriented and is highly focused on helping you achieve your therapeutic goals. And they seldom allow the sessions to shift or be diverted away from your stated therapeutic goals.

Sign 5 - You feel like your therapist understands you.

The qualifications or experience of the therapists, according to research, do not indicate that therapist will be better at helping you. A better gauge is your rapport with the therapist and how the therapist makes you feel. Chose a therapist that makes you feel understood, respected and safe.

Sign 6 - Ethical and professional.

The conduct of the therapist is important. You need to find a therapist that is ethical and professional. The easiest way to determine this is to see how the therapist conduct the session, where the therapist holds the session and the general appearance and demeanour of the therapist.

At 360 Wellness Hub, we ensure that all our therapists meets the 7 signs above. 360 Wellness Hub will terminate all agreements and contracts with therapists who receive complains or negative feedback from 3 clients. So the rating that you give your therapist post-session counts!

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