The Hypnotic Way To Calm a Baby

The hypnotic techniques here are common techniques adapted for application on babies. I love how Scott Sandland demonstrated the 4 techniques in the video below. The video of the pediatric that he mentioned is also added below. For parents who have problems calming their crying babies or babies who refuse to sleep, these videos are for you. Enjoy while learning. For more experiential learning come for a few sessions with us.

The four methods that Scott demonstrated are: 1. Focal attention (Eye fixation and eye fatigue) 2. Non-verbal induction (Hands over the face) 3. Equilibrium disorientation (Gentle shaking and rocking) 4. Frequency following effect (Rhythmic sounds, movements, etc.)

Method 4 (frequency-following effect) is demonstrated here by Dr Robert Hamilton a paediatrician who calls his method "The Hold."

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