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The Hypnotic Way To Calm a Baby

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In this article we will highlight the hypnotic way to calm a baby. We will also show 2 videos one of Scott Sandland demonstrating how to calm and put a baby to sleep using 4 common hypnotic techniques and then we will show a video of Dr Robert Hamilton demonstrating a technique he developed and called "The Hold" that uses similar hypnotic techniques. If you have difficulties putting your baby to sleep, these techniques are for you.

In the following video, Scott Sandland calm the baby using 4 techniques: 1. Focal attention (Eye fixation and eye fatigue) 2. Non-verbal induction (Hands over the face) 3. Equilibrium disorientation (Gentle shaking and rocking) 4. Frequency following effect (Rhythmic sounds, movements, etc.)

In the following video Dr Robert Hamilton demonstrate his "The Hold" technique to calm a crying baby. Do you recognise the hypnotic technique that Dr Hamilton is applying?

Answer: Method 4 (frequency-following effect) is demonstrated here by Dr Robert Hamilton a paediatrician who calls his method "The Hold." The twist is also to incorporate it with the heart breathing cross arm technique. And as mentioned by Dr Hamilton, make sure that you support the baby's chin and to turn the baby at 45 degrees when using this technique.

Do you want to learn more about the techniques demonstrated here? If yes, do take our online classes to give you confidence in using this skill.

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