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Let's Get It Podcast - Talking about addiction and trauma

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Dr Lennie Soo chatted about addiction, trauma and mental health with celebrity podcasters Bryan Kong and Irfan. In this no-hold barrier, raw and highly controversial discussion and interview, the trio covers many topics that are considered taboo in the hope that through awareness, people can grow more tolerant and destigmatise mental health illnesses. Warning! This podcast is explicit, raw and authentic and may not be suitable for children under 18 and adults who are sensitive about the topics surrounding addiction and trauma. This podcast and the people in it also do not encourage the recreational use of drugs and talk more about plant-based and psychedelic drugs from medicinal and spiritual awakening perspectives. To watch the entire series go to this youtube link:


About the Author


Dr. Lennie Soo

Founder and Clinical Director of 360 Wellness Hub.

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