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Physical and Mental Pain Scales

Standardized pain scales help patients better describe their pain levels to their physicians and therapists. Below are the most common pain physical and mental pain scales. Use these scales to explain your pain to your physician or therapist if you are in pain.

Physical Pain: Colour-coded numerical pain scale

This numerical rating scale is often used by those with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and sciatica to describe their pain. Using something like this consistently can help better explain your pain to your doctor and track how it’s feeling on that day. This pain inventory allows someone to talk about when their pain is mild or requires urgent critical care. If you are seeking help for pain management with 360 Wellness Hub, please use this scale to describe your pain to the therapist.

Mental Pain: Mental Health Pain Scale

People suffering from depression, anxiety, or other disorders might find it helpful to use this mental health pain scale to gauge how they feel daily. The tipping point for this scale is at level 5. If you find that you are at level 5, please consult a physician or a therapist. This scale is also helpful for individuals to articulate where they are in their distress to self-assess the severity of how we manage mental pain.

There are other mental health assessment tools, like the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, that you can also use to determine the level of your worrisome symptoms.

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Physical, mental, emotional and psychological pain are often associated. Emotional pain sometimes can worsen physical pain and vice versa, and psychological and mental pain can trigger physical diseases and illness and vice versa.

If you need help or support with pain management, call or text our hotline: +60327792770. Qualifiable results drive our comprehensive pain management program.


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