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RKX: A Natural Way To Reduce Pain in 3 Minutes

Here is a testimony from a patient on how fast RKX can reduce her chronic nerve pain. Chronic Pain has a depressive and debilitating impact on our mental and psychological wellness. Therefore, when it comes to pain, we need to treat the physical pain as well as the mental and psychological triggers for the pain. Case: The patient presented with nerve pain. She doesn't know how it happened and believes that it happened suddenly. She finds it challenging to sit and then stand and has to take her time and brace herself before sitting or standing. Movements are also painful. Each time she moves, she can feel the pain. The pain got so bad that it affected her sleep and quality of life. Treatment: Dr Soo, our Clinical Director, gave her three tabs of RKX in water, asked her to scale her pain and timed her recovery. Below is what the patient has to say about her pain after the treatment.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, perhaps due to an injury or an autoimmune disease, call us to make an appointment at 0123300415. You do not have to keep suffering from the pain.

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Dr. Lennie Soo

Founder and Clinical Director of 360 Wellness Hub.

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