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Corporate Training: Trauma-Informed Online Therapy for Staffs and their Family Members

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When the MCO first started, the majority of working people were enthusiastic about it because finally, they can have time to spend with their families, clean their house, take a course or just relax at home. But after more than 500 days of MCO the stress of working from home and the uncertainties about the vaccination programs and the myriads of bad news one after another, is starting to bring down the energy levels of even the most optimistic and enthusiastic individuals.

A minority may say that business is booming, especially those in the IT and pharmaceutical industries these are boom times but for many retailers that have been labelled non-essential services, these are hard times. Hotels, for example, are closing down and just last week, there's news that Hotel Istana one of the iconic hotels in the centre of the city is throwing in the towel and calling it quits leaving many of its employees unemployed and probably will remain unemployed for some time to come due to the impact that this prolonged lockdown has on the tourism industry.

As the white flag food distribution initiative gains ground, it is noticeable that more and more families are unable to cope with the dire situation. This has lead to an increase in suicide attempts and successful suicides. Thus, even if the lockdown does not have a direct impact on us, the indirect impact is there in our society and in our mass consciousness.

If you are working in HR and you are concern about the mental health of your staff and their family members, hire us to conduct this life-saving, stress-reducing webinar. Watch the presentation of the webinar here:

How do you find our presentation? We hope you enjoy it. We can customise the program to your company's needs, please contact us for more details at +60123300415 or email

Who should attend? All persons working from home, all persons who are in the workforce and their families, those who are experiencing the effects and impact of Covid-19 trauma, those who are experiencing post-traumatic stress and those who will benefit from better emotional and mood regulation.

What will you learn?

  1. Mind-Body Connection.

  2. The three universal life experiences.

  3. The nature of trauma.

  4. The way that trauma create us.

  5. The biggest trauma - disconnection.

  6. How trauma changes us.

  7. Learn the basics about Compassionate Inquiry.

  8. The wisdom of trauma.

  9. Trauma Release Exercises.

    1. Exercise 1 - Tense and Release.

    2. Exercise 2 - Hum and Vibrate.

    3. Exercise 3 - Massage Your Ears.

    4. Exercise 4 - Spinal Twists.


4 weeks

Delivery Method.

  1. 2 online lecture (Week 1 and 2).

  2. Online coursework (Week 3 and 4)

  3. Test

Maximum per/class.

30 paxs.

Minimum per/class.

20 paxs.


Include in this program an online course to train the participants to become Psychological First Aider.


Tailored to company's budget. Let's Talk! *** This course is available only through your company. Due to the peer support and experiential nature way of this training, we do not accept singular enrolment for this course. ***


About the Author


Dr. Lennie Soo

Founder and Clinical Director of 360 Wellness Hub.

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